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Anti-Corrosive Steel Pipe

Anti-Corrosive Steel Pipe


Production method: Anti-corrosive steel pipe is a steel pipe processed by anticorrosive technology, which can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion phenomenon of chemical or electrochemical reaction in the process of transportation and use.

Main types: Epoxy coal asphalt anticorrosion, IPN8710 drinking water, epoxy zinc , solvent-free epoxy, polyurethane, cement mortar, fused epoxy powder (FBE, 2FBE), polyethylene (2PE, 3PE),   3PE coating, inner fused epoxy powder (TPEP) and so on.

StandardSY0447-2014Technical standard for epoxy coal pitch anticorrosive coating for buried steel pipesStandard:SY/T0413-2016《Technical standard for polyethylene anticorrosion coating for buried steel pipes》GB/T23257-2017 Technical standard for polyethylene anticorrosion coating for buried steel pipes》

SY/T03152013Technical specification for monolayer FBE coating for steel pipes

CJ/T120-2016Plastic coated composite steel pipe for water conveying

Application: Anticorrosive steel pipe raw material including spiral pipe, straight seam pipe, seamless pipe etc, widely used in long distance water conveying, petroleum chemical natural gas heating power sewage treatmentwater sourcebridge steel structure,Marine water conveying, piling and other pipeline engineering fields.

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